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All the animals rumored to exist, but haven't been caught.
Contest ended 12 years ago 9/19/2003 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 2 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

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Proof Finally


I happened to spy this creature on the local church grounds and snapped his picture...can't decide if he is praying or not.

Please do not critique my entry.



My first entry in Worth100.


Perhaps a bit too enigmatic


El Chupacabra "The Goat Sucker"
Story: El Chupacabras have been reportedly seen several times in South America. They are reported to have large alien-like eyes, a full set of teeth which they use to drink the blood from goats and other livestock. El Chupacabras Have large clawed hands and feet with which they deffend themselves. Many a tale of Chupacabras has been heard, and many have been confirmed by the numerous carcases of goats drained of blood with only a puncture wound to the neck...


Lunch Time


Bloom County rocked when I was in high school. I'm excited that Opus is coming back - even if only to the Sunday funnies!


His name is Polyphemus, a one-eyed giant and son of Poseidon in the famous book The Odyssey.


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