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AC: Vanishing Point Perspective

AC: Vanishing Point Perspective

2 or 3 Point Perspective Illustration
Contest ended 8 years ago 2/10/2008 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 5 credits
  • Jackpot: 50 credits

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Hoo boy, was this ever a learning experience!! The vanishing points are off the page but this will point out some of the lines derived from the 3 vanishing points.

Plain ol' pencil on plain ol' paper. Tweaked a little in plain ol' Photoshop. ;)


To see where all 3 vanishing points are click here.

Nobody puts furniture against the walls anymore! Don't you know feng shui!?


3 point perspective. All photoshop and imagination.


Fransiscan abbey church built 1250 a.d. in Denmark. Pencil and aquarelle


Bang Bang¡V.Points here


I have draw this only with Photoshop.
Reference for VP -here

Its a view of my desktop, no photo sources on this.I´m not sure if ashtray´s perspective is good, comments wellcome.


Original Sketch

I tried the more drastic 3rd point because I like how it looked more.
Thanks to MissChief for the great advice on how to do this.

Please let me know how to make it better.



Always been a fan of M.C. Escher's crazy staircases. Though I'd never be worthy to even carry his pencil, here's my little illus. exercise in said.


Hmm... I guess it's good I never became an architect (always loved to play with lego, tho) :D

Here's the uncolored one with the perspective lines.


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