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Marvel/Disney Hybrids

Marvel/Disney Hybrids

When cartoon worlds collide.
Contest ended 6 years ago 9/5/2009 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

Contest Options


While working in the Toontown space station our heroes experienced a cosmic storm that left the bewildered friends dazed and forever altered. Each taking on powers and abilities far beyond those of normal toons.

This was a TON of fun!

I wanted to do another chop of Pluto as Dr. Doom, but no more time!

Please view full... otherwise Sue Storm/Minnie as well as The Human Torch/Goofy cannot be fully appreciated!

Please tell me what you think!


College student Mickey Mouse was on asignment for the school paper at the local genetics lab when he was bit by a radioactive spider and became Spidermouse!

If you don't view full he'll tie you up in his web!

Here's a WIP

Let me know what you think!


Made to look like the original Green Goblin. The way he appeared in Marvel comics for many years, but now combined with the mouse! :)
Didn't want the ears green, liked this way better.
I even included Stan "The Man" Lee at the bottom wearing the white shirt. Excelsior!

Thanks to grngobstpr for the great New York photo from stock.xchng.


God! This was really intense and hard work, but a lot of fun! Hope you like it!
I really hope you have time to appreciate it :) WIP Part I & WIP Part II

It was not easy, but i think i achieved a great photoshop work here. Please comment.

Check the originals: Here

Disney: Buzz Lightyear
Marvel: Iron Man

"To infinity ... and beyond!"


I'm not taking the Mickey...


The happy mad Hurley from G Force taking the punisher's work...

Omg, this crazy little looks more dangerous that the original punisher...

Please view full and see the source images.


PLEASE! View in full Before You Vote!!!

Hulk source -
Genie source -
bg source -

Please Let Me Know What You Think! I Spent At LEast 8-10 hours on this one and i would appreciate critiques and advice! Thanks and good luck to all the contestants!


Sometimes Snow White gets REALLY upset.


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