B2B: Night and Day with a Twist

B2B: Night and Day with a Twist

(This contest is part of the Tournament.)
Turning day into night with a twist.
Contest ended 2 years ago 9/17/2011 12:00:00 AM EDT

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  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

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Theme: Steampunk

Sources courtesy of sxc.hu, Flickr Creative Commons and Stockproject

WIP is in the comments.

Individual Tournament Second Place
# 2
By Citania (Score: 8.904)

In any other place...
Theme: Fantasy, Bizarrchitecture.


Contest Theme: Bizarrchitecture

sources (all sources are from www.rgbstock.com)

Good luck everybody!


Inspired by a documentary about the Huygens, the probe sent to Titan. 7 years it took to get there, and Stumpy Chum woz already there.

worth contests - Partial Submersion, Redneck Space Race, Bizarrchitecture. :D but mostly Redneck.

I had actually forgotten what the examples were in the write up, so it was an accident or subconscious suggestion :P


Modern Miss Muffet, sat on a park bench, eating her ice cream cone.
Along came bot-spider, who unfurled beside her,
and said, "Why don't you try these curds and whey? They're much better for you!"

Rhyme Time - girl, squirrel, pearl, unfurl
Fractured Fairy Tales (ok, so it's a nursery rhyme, but close)


I have a model release for the girl.

Good luck to everyone!


Theme: Steampunk/Fantasy

The two main sources are HERE. The legs themselves were almost entirely painted.


Yes I went for the obvious...the spaceship. This idea was screaming at me, I thought it was better not to ignore it. I hope the surroundings and atmosphere makes it original. The theme would be robodorks.



Additional chosen theme: Fantasy: Treks and Voyages.

Bigger version here.

Other sources. Whale shark photo by Zac Wolf.


Added theme: Levitations (the people being harvested into the ships)
Sources here


Please view full for best results :)

3rd theme from this contest Robots

Tons of sources from DA;

Demography, stock-deekayed , LoveLikeHeroine, bonz-paolo, Skish-stock, FantasyStock,
Fallen-Stock, dot-com, irasco-madawa, scary-stock, RosalineStock, EverythingIsInStock, wess4u, RiNymph-Stock

Rest is from StockXchng or 123RF

Good Luck to everyone playing!!!!


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