Poor Celebrities 2

Poor Celebrities 2

After they have squandered their fortunes.
Contest ended 2 years ago 10/20/2011 12:00:00 AM EDT

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  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

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Pete was said to have passed on in January this year due to pancreatic cancer, but he was spotted downtown on the streets, a homeless drunk. Conspiracy theorists believe it was a government plot to oust him after the controversial documentary "The Age of Stupid" hit the big screens...



Poor Jack... Well... Always smiling...


Inspired by the Monk who sold his ferrari, Morgan Freeman donated all his wealth to charitable causes and moved to India on a spiritual journey. Sadly, things didn't go quite as well as he had planned and today this is the state he is in........


Today he struggles with hunger!


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