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May Sweeps 2

May Sweeps 2

Television writing at its worst.
Contest ended 11 years ago 5/6/2004 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

Contest Options

Please do not critique my entry.

Watch Paris and Nicole (and Tinkerbell) try to hold down on a job on the International Space Station, rearrange the letters on their space shuttle to spell out naughty phrases, and offer a young Russian cosmonaut a threesome.

Second Place
# 2
By JAM (Score: 5.978)

Well, it worked for Janet :-)


In the show's final episode ever, will Rachel and Ross end up together finally? Will she leave to another country? Or will William Hung come and sweep her off her feet? By the way guys I have had no professional training.
Sorry the source image was grainy check out the source pic


They're running out of themes for their bikes this season.


The producers of the hit kids show decided to take the programme in a more realistic direction.

See the original unshaven Bob here


Has Marge finally had enough of Homer's behavior? Can special guest star Peter Griffin fill Homer's shoes? Tune in to the Simpsons Season Finale to find out!

As always, please view full.


I sure am glad Jennifer is in the front!


Please view the original.


When asked if he would resurrect the role...


The snoring is in real time


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