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H9H: Mentees: Open Topic

H9H: Mentees: Open Topic

oyvindk vs. Zabani vs. Zazerz vs. shenseii vs. edenquest vs. taser vs. artstyle vs. TokerDaKilla vs. Musicman30141
Contest ended 3 years ago 3/4/2012 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 10 credits

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Many thanks to my mentor who helped me with a lot of ideas for this as well as tips and tricks.

From having no idea at all (even named my lightbox: "open theme sucks") to having created The Steampunk Ocean Cruiser I'm pretty happy with the result!

Good luck to all!

Sources and the totally different initial sketch that evolved into the ocean thing.


Epilogue: The battle had been fierce, and the smell of burning tar was strong. The pirates had failed getting to the gold of the fortress at Craniock Island, and they knew that this was the end of their journey. The plan had been to enter the island from South Beach, and then climb the stairs of Squamosal before running across the bridge of Orbit and through the gates of Nasalia to attack the fortress. However, the defence vessel had been hiding in the tunnel of Zygo, and their firepower was far superior. The pirates had no choice but to flee, but they sustained great losses in the battle, and their ship was mortally wounded. It was only a question of time before the blazing fire would send the ship down into the great abyss.

A large number of sources has been used, and I kindly ask you to view full before casting your vote. This has been fun, but in many ways quite exhausting, and I have never spent so many hours on any image before. In addition to the sources, I've also used these brushes:

~just-Nates High-Res bird brushes
Assault fire and flame brushes
~frozenstocks Realistic Smoke


View full and Hope you like it :) And special thanks to won't name before voting for mentoring me :)
Credits :-