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Super Stunts 4

Super Stunts 4

Images of insane stunts.
Contest ended 11 years ago 6/19/2004 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 110 credits

Contest Options


might be a little harder then wrestling a croc.


Missed the deadline for the last Super Stunts contest, glad I got another chance.


Retired from the circus sideshows where he used to blow up hot water bottles until they exploded, Frank couldn't resist the urge to show off his bizarre talent during a visit to the local petting zoo.
source pics


THIS is real speed!!
My first entry at any Worth1000 contest. I hope you like it. Please vote/comment.
Full view is 1024 x 768.


Bobby always had a sneaking feeling he was a diving circus horse in a previous life.

By Jr9982 (Score: 5.736)

looks like fun huh? I created this image using 2 images, 1 of the jet and background, and an image a water skier.

source Image:


When the Peking Ballet visited New York in 1929, the Chrysler Building was nearing completion and some bright spark thought it a great idea to showcase both with this ill advised (and previously unpublished) publicity photo.

The building still stands today as a monument to Art Deco.

The fate of the ballerina is unknown.

(No her name was not Art)


"go try to pet the cubs"


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