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If Rednecks Ruled 3

If Rednecks Ruled 3

If the world were ruled by rednecks.
Contest ended 11 years ago 9/11/2004 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 110 credits

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I think that even if the Rednecks took over, America would still be facinated by the lives of Nick & Jessica. Thus, MTV's newest show "Redneck Newlyweds."

Ya'll better view full, ya hear?


if rednecks made tanks...

Second Place
# 3
By afeldman (Score: 5.893)

For the Sophisticated Redneck...Beerier!


2 FRAMES source comparison...wait for it
(added 2 flags and the gun)

How to tell if the your queen is a redneck:

Bad teeth...yep
Preoccupied with guns and dogs...yep
Gaudy clothes on special occasions...yep
Children in the military...yep

Please do not critique my entry.

Kin folk said "Hey Jed WTF? How'd you get your mug on that thar buck?"


"bon appetit"


Join the Aarmy boy!
More difficult than it looks (for me anyway, hyuck hyuck)


Pull right up and park on the lawn...


Redneck Mother's Day Card


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