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Fish Swap 2

Fish Swap 2

Fish swapped with everyday objects.
Contest ended 10 years ago 10/26/2004 12:00:00 AM EDT

Contest Info

  • Cost: 2 credits
  • Jackpot: 104 credits

Contest Options


Please pay attention to the clouds. If you can't see anything, clicky clicky click here! Full view is *almost* wallpaper size.


Recently people discovered that jelly fish expanded rapidly when exposed to high velocities, giving birth to the jellyfish parachute.


Puffer fish swapped with golfball.
I had trouble making the spikes in the shadow. Not sure if i made it to light or if didn't make the spikes big enough.


I hear this sport is catching on in Europe too. :)
As always, full view is bigger and eliminates the jpeg artifacts.


Much fun. Small pixel eats much times.
Big view hit you eyes better, make you feel good all over.
You say you like. You say you no like. You say how I make more good.


spoof advert for the latest trend,
tropical fish contact lenses.
best view on full view.


This is not a Dolphin :p
Be Honest :)

Please do not critique my entry.

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