Bizarre Attractions 6

Bizarre Attractions 6

Amusement park rides you'd like to see.
Contest ended 8 years ago 9/8/2005 12:00:00 AM EDT

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  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

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Endless loop down the slope, wann'a try?

check full to prevent dizziness :D source


This roller coaster is SOOO Huge! Airliners even have to go trough...


The worlds highest bungee jump...


" High level Flying "

Please do not critique my entry.

Notice I patched out the cars on the wheel to make the flying off the wheel effect. I also in case you didn't notice put that one car in the front, and added cracks in the ground to make it look like it had crashed..comments wanted.. i know the quality isn't the greatest, but i made this in like an hour... hope you like it.. if so, then you know who to sponsor ;) lol


Pyromaniac is a unique, life threatening, experience! Pit your life against others to see who will survive. Dodge exploding fire-works while strapped to your triple-locked seat (safety first!).

You must be at least half crazy to ride. Fire extinguishers sold separately.


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