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Global CouncilArena AdminJaxomLOTUS said 2 years ago 8/12/2013 11:44:46 PM EDT

UPDATE - Emerge Media are going to buy Worth1000 and it will live on in it's current form! Disregard the below!!!!
Details here -

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I owe you all a long overdue update that I have had a lot of trouble coming to terms with.

For the last year or so, in not having a full-time programmer on staff shortly after a major code overhaul, Worth1000 has been technologically orphaned. It's been felt by all of you for some time and a source of frustration for me as there was nothing I could really do short of personally learning a new programming language and sorting through someone else's code. Even things like removing the ancient SOPA banner and updating the copyright notice can't easily be done by me currently. When it comes to this codebase I just don't even know where to begin...

Though I still have the love, I don't have the time, energy, focus or resources to tackle a rewrite that would enable me to maintain it properly. My day job and my nights & weekends job trying to be a good dad to 4 children preclude it.

As a direct result of the lack of maintenance, traffic has rapidly declined. Obviously the site can't continue to operate like this and thrive, which leaves me with three choices:

A) Let it continue as is and suffer a slow, drawn-out death. This doesn't appeal to me (or, I'd imagine, to any of you).

B) Try to find a new owner who does have the intent and means to maintain and fix the site going forwards. Or who has a good plan for how to improve / integrate aspects of the site - I don't want the amazing work here to ever go away. Unfortunately, over the last year, although I have found some interest and searched exhaustively, I haven't found the right person who would make a good owner yet or that a transition would be worthwhile for both parties. At this point, I think Choice B highly unlikely enough to consider it a dead-end.

C) Retire Worth1000 and turn it's content into a static museum that doesn't require maintenance and will hopefully be available for everyone to browse forever, as a respectful enduring testament to the amazing creativity of Worth1000 participants. At the very least, I'd like it to forever be a beautiful, streamlined gallery archive of Worth1000's most amazing content, a tribute to the artists who participated here, and a timeline of milestones and important events in Worth1000's history. This is the option I have decided to move forwards with.

As traffic continues to decline, this is something I will tackle sooner just so we can still go out with a celebration, rather than a whimper. My current plan is to end our last submissions on the midnight changeover of September 29th/ 30th, with the actual site changing to the museum layout a week later, at which point I would turn Worth1000's library of amazing content into a static browsable museum. I think from here on out we can throw some fun finale contests leading up to that point. 7 weeks is not a lot of time, but it is enough to prepare, mourn together and celebrate worth's amazing history and run right up until the very end.

Please know that this was a difficult, thought-out decision and I made it over the course of several agonizing months, after more than a year of looking for the right new owner. But I know in my heart it's the right one: It's time.

Please give your admins and mods a virtual hug and major round of applause. To run a site for 11 amazing years is a milestone very few people can claim. We wouldn't be here without them. I owe all of them a tremendous debt of gratitude which I will never forget.

I want to thank you all so much for making Worth1000 such an amazing community. I love you folks and hope you'll spread the seeds of creativity far and wide across the internet, and beyond!


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Global CouncilArena AdminJaxomLOTUS said 2 years ago 8/12/2013 11:45:11 PM EDT

Just to address some questions that are sure to come up in advance:

* What will happen to people's credits?
Any credits purchased beginning August 1st through the end of September will be refunded in full when the site closes. Other credits in your account, please use them up.

* What will the museum include?
The current plan for launch is:
- A timeline of Worth1000's history, including important milestones
- A gallery (slideshow style) of Worth1000's best content

* Will the museum include the tutorials?
Probably not on day 1, but I hope to figure out an easy way to add them.

* Will the museum include multimedia content?
This depends on technical feasibility. Maybe not on day 1, but hopefully soon after.

* Will the museum include a forum, chatroom or other dynamic content?
No. I need this museum to be 100% maintenance free and forums would require moderation and 3am phone calls to get the server back up and running.

* What can we do as a community if we want to keep in touch or enter more contests?
I'll make some recommendations for other sites that could be used.

* What will the museum look like?
I want it to be dead simple, streamlined and with a single purpose: Easily and quickly browse wonderful content. I plan to share my thoughts as it develops.

* Would I be interested in selling it if the right buyer comes along?
Realistically, I think it's unlikely at this point in time. My email is if you think you have a proposal I'd consider for how you'd buy, transition and maintain the community going forwards, but please only email if 100% serious and motivated. I'm burned out from the last year of searching and want to be able to focus on making the best possible museum, without distraction.

* How do I feel about all of this?
I'm very, very sad, and very, very proud of all of the amazing accomplishments I have seen shared by you all on this site. 11.5 years is a mighty good run.

* Can I act silly or troll or otherwise post dumb things in the weeks leading up to the closure since it's closing anyway?
Please don't. Let's celebrate by entering only our very best stuff, not vandalize or ruin the end.

* Can I invite back old members to participate in some of the countdown contests?
Please do! It would be so good to see old faces and celebrate the end with them. I really hope they will all enter a contest for old time's sake.

* Can I open source the code or something so someone else can run it?
There are so many moving parts here it would require me writing a guide on how to actually do that and I don't have the time (or frankly, the technical know how). Additionally, I would not be able to give database access to strangers, along with the emails and passwords stored inside. To be honest, it would make much more technical sense for someone to build a contest site from scratch.

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dushka2001 said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 12:05:45 AM EDT

it reminds me that song "start me up".
not the whole song, just that part that says - "... you make a grown man cry!"
i envy all those who have joined earlier than me.

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Bundles said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 12:06:52 AM EDT

Let me be the first to say: :'(

I for one will miss the community and interaction very much. Worth is the only forum I belong to and check on anything remotely resembling a regular basis.

One question you missed: Will chat still be available, or will it cease as well?

Um...okay...ah...something, I mean
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Zazerz said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 12:20:13 AM EDT

I was going to get my result today, and happened to open worth and this thread. Let me just say this, No matter what my result is, I'll still be depressed.... :(

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Awediot said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 12:49:46 AM EDT

Very sad news... As a member for a mere year and half plus, feels like I've justr gotten my feet wet. Nothing else out there like this, and will be the end of an era...(feel for you REAL regulars who no doubt have a family here...) Thanks to all behind the scenes, and occasionally in my face for the work and heart, time and skills you shared with us all...

However bad form or premature it may seem, I'd be remiss not to mention that I already feel like I overstepped some boundaries and RE-founded the WORTH1000 group on DEVIANT ART about 4 months ago...and unfamiliar with DA's technicalities, largely neglected it... As of this moment, there are 12 members, 481 pageviews and 13 watchers...a bunch of empty folders, a forum just for the group, no contests, but a public, big site way to keep in touch... The question 'Where to now?' will be a quick, common one, and that's just sitting there... All are obviously more than welcome, and may get more popular for all the wrong reasons...

I'm nowhere near the inner circle of those who deserve to, and should be there to accept the legacy of Worth1000 by administering a group with the potential a DeviantArt/Worh1000 group could have... I'd be more than happy to hand the reigns over to any admin or moderator here who may be interested in taking control over there. I know there used to be such a group, but it faded away... Perhaps this truly sad closing will leave it the easiest meeting place, for the time being...[by all means, just let me know...]

LINK to "Worth1000-deviants" heart goes out to does a thank you that gets deeper and more intense as it soaks in that this is coming to a close... A blank page, or unfocused mind looming in the path of the creative muse is not just daunting, but draining...and this place gave me ideas, and reasons to see the world differently again, and again, and that is truly rare to THANK YOU...and all who's blood, sweat and tears went into it... It will be a vacume we all know, but were glad to be free from for a time... The best for your future wherever it takes you, you take it...or maybe take some of us with you again soon enough...

"Awediot" / Dean Botteron

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MsgtBob said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 12:53:28 AM EDT

Personally, I hope someone meets the 100% serious criteria to take it over and keep it running for at least another 11.5 years. :(

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HogHeaven said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 1:19:21 AM EDT

I've heard of turning a frown upside down, but this made my smile turn upside down. :'(

Thank you to everyone involved during the years of Worth. I will miss this place and all the people that made this place what it is. <3

(I too hope something, or someone, will step in and save us all.)

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Arena ModeratorBonnySaintAndrew said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 1:20:47 AM EDT

+ in reply to...  

Some of the Admins and Mods have been building a community, hoping to continue the Worth spirit. It will never be the same, but we are running bi-monthly themed contests in FX and illustration. Please come and join us at The Chop Shop Digital Art Community.

Everyone is welcome.

... This is such a happening tail-pipe of a party.
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emilynghiem said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 1:21:04 AM EDT

Thank you Jason and administrators for maintaining such an incredible site.
The people and interactions here are fantastic.

I personally vote for B.

If everyone here can please organize into groups, go through your Alma Mater's or local IT businesses that host your emails or websites and try to find a way to take on this site, I'm sure we can find a way.

Because the recent headstone contest brought up toasting celebrities (some still alive) if we organize in groups, we can approach the media and entertainment industry to keep this site going for CGI and writer interns
to work in teams!

So anyone, if you take classes in college, at Art Institutes, etc.
try to organize in teams around the people you have good relations with.

If each section or group can organize a team leader and then form networks, maybe we can set up a system of representation that includes everyone here and find a way to finance revamping or maintaining this site and all its sections.

Please contact me if I can help in any way!

Whatever I can do, this ties in with what I hoped to achieve with organizing teams to make movies and produce music, videos and other presentations.

If you have ideas for team organizing, can we set up threads for each angle, like IT, financing/budget, registration/membership, and find a way to keep this going until it can be revamped or revised?

AS long as we keep in touch with each other, like through
we can try to come back later and start it up again.

HOw do you suggest we organize?

Thanks and best wishes to all

I just felt like I wanted to quit
but now this is something I don't want to see quitting!

Yours truly,

emilynghiem at hotmail at yahoo or gmail

Please let me know how I can help

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Arena Moderatorsk said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 1:21:06 AM EDT

+ in reply to...  

It's 1am but I'm going to ramble anyway.

I joined Worth1000 in June 2004, just over nine years ago. I had been lurking for a few months, and I decided it was time to finally enter a contest. I spent hours upon hours in some garbage photo editor on my family's computer, and emerged with what I thought was a masterpiece. In hindsight, that probably wasn't the case.

But! From there I got into chat (#w1khyjinx forever) and stayed up until around 1am before my first day of high school because I couldn't tear myself away from meowza and chris_ doing whatever it was they did in there. From there I got into (among other things) writing, which I kept working at for years until I was finally a [s]good[/s] passable author. I probably spent more time in front of a computer than I should have in high school, but it transformed me into an artist with a passion to create and make an impression on the world.

It's been a thrill meeting and working with everyone here, both as a member and as a volunteer on staff. (Confession: I haven't actually played Minecraft in at least a year now.) Things have kept me off the site for the most part recently, but Worth has always had a place in my heart. This site has always been about community as much as contests, and I'm thankful that we'll be able to stay connected through Facebook, or Google+, or wherever else we may end up.

It's sad to hear that it's going away, but it's much better to go out with this proverbial bang than to keep deflating. Let's take this opportunity not to mourn, but to celebrate what this website and its members has done over the past decade. After all, if nothing else, without Worth1000 our inboxes would be a lot less exciting.

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Arena Moderatorsk said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 1:23:06 AM EDT

P.S. Can we have one more MS Paint War?

Bundles said
One question you missed: Will chat still be available, or will it cease as well?

Chat runs on IRC, so it could survive independently.

thenegativeone said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 2:16:44 AM EDT

This is truly a sad day. As a member returning after 4/5 years away I had noticed a drop in participation, but I never dreamed it would come to this.
The community that attracted me (and I'm sure many others) here in the first place is still the same; friendly, happy to help, sometimes a little mental ;)
This truly truly saddens me and reading the comments above and Jax's initial post brought a tear to my eye. I simply hope that someone can save this wonderful site or that we are able to continue this wonderful community and competition going somewhere else.

Here's to 11.5 years of fun and inspiration and hope for the future!!

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oluchio said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 2:29:42 AM EDT

Sad to hear worth1000 will be dissapearing. Eventhough I wasn't an active member I enjoyed lurking on the site. And picked up many skills and tips here. I was hoping to finally become a more active member.
But I am happy to be able to thank everyone who made this site possible. Thanks for the experience and good luck with all future endeavours.

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ElaMongrella said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 2:31:08 AM EDT

+ in reply to...  

I do believe that chat, just like the forums, would require moderation and server maintenance. So it will cease as well.

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joodiebee said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 2:37:29 AM EDT

I never actually learned photoshop and only participated in photography and text contests, but I found many friends all over the world through Worth. It has been one of the highlights of my life online for the past 10 years or so. I have continued to stay connected to many people through Facebook, thankfully. Avi, thank you for your gift over the past years. It's been such a pleasure to know you and everyone here - your choice is understandable but still sad. All the best. Judi Stull

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miu4ppl3 said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 2:44:08 AM EDT

Really sad to hear. I'm proud being a member of worth1000 even though I'm not an active member. I learn a lot from this site. Thank you for everyone in this community.. You all are great artists.

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MrsHjort said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:06:20 AM EDT

This is very, very sad news :( . I found worth a long time ago and have been checking in periodically to see all the amazing work here. It's so inspiring! It wasn't til last winter I became a full fledged member and started to compete myself, but wow! It's been a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed making new friends here, competing with you all and I've learned a lot! So here's to us all! The newbies and the vets, you are all the very best!

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Sebast1an said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:12:38 AM EDT

:O :puke: :'(

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Global CouncilArena Adminkimbomac said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:23:17 AM EDT

I have no idea what I will do with my time now...


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xania said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:29:52 AM EDT

So sad! Thanks for all the work done and the great help worth provided.

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Groggie said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:30:54 AM EDT

Sorry to see this, but I can understand the situation. Worth 1000 was what taught me the fundamentals of image manipulation and I can say without a doubt that it was the initial push for where I am today in regards to graphic design. 10 years after signing up for the site I'm working at an agency doing design and frontend development.

Glad I'm able to keep in touch with a handful of you guys on Facebook. I'll have to jump back in IRC sometime this week to say hi. If anyone from back in the day wants to connect, you can reach me at .

Thanks for all the work you've put into this site over the years Avi! It truly was the best in its class!

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millgage said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:45:54 AM EDT

It has been a wonderful ride. Thank you Avi for all you have done. Thanks to all the admins, mods, jurors and everyone else I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.

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pamelap said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:46:13 AM EDT

I've made some wonderful and special friends through Worth, so for that, I can't thank you enough!

Where's the tissue bling? I need some :(

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi
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Arena ModeratorMasterGnu said 2 years ago 8/13/2013 3:46:13 AM EDT

When you say that the museum will not include the forums, do you mean that it won't be browsable either? There are some great threads that I still sometimes link to because of the advice they give. For my own sake, there are som really silly and stupid threads as well that I have emotional feelings for, that I would love to be able to keep looking at now and then.

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