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Nail Salon names by capriccio
1st place entry in Nail Salon

1. The Manicured Mermaid

This is my personal favorite. I like names that stand out, make you curious and give an air of importance or identity. You could create an atmosphere of whimsy with a life-sized mermaid sculpture who becomes the mascot of your salon. People could take vacation pictures with the mermaid, kids could throw pennies into a wishing pool she sits in, you could dress her up for the holidays, etc. You could even hold a promotional contest to name the mermaid (and build your clientel). The possibilities are endless.

2. Polished to Perfection
3. Polished Perfection
4. A Perfect Polish
5. Perfectly Polished

2-5 were the first things that came to mind, drawing on quality (perfection) and the staple of nail salons - polish. #4 starts with an "A" which would put you up the list in the phone book or yellow pages, but substituting "The" would imply you stand out from other nail salons.

6. The Perfect Ten

A play on words - ten fingers (or ten toes). Could also start with "A" for better alphabetical order.

7. PRO-filers

As I was thinking of the tools and mainstays of manicurists, I got stuck on the nail file. If you're looking for a catchy, humorous type name, Profilers may fit the bill - you're PROs at what you do, part of which is filing.

8. Ready, Set, Shine!

Maybe a little cliche, but catchy and open to many logo possibilities. Plus it's very upbeat.

9. Fantasy Fingers

Grand Cayman is a fantasy vacation location, thus Fantasy Fingers. Lends itself to many ethereal logo possibilities - faeries, sea creatures, stars, angels, etc.

10. Finger Fabulous

Generic, but descriptive. After a trip to your salon, your client will have fabulous fingers!

11. The Tropical Set

Another play on words - "set" as in set of nails, and "tropical" because of the location. Lends itself to themes of seashells, palm trees and sandy beaches.

13. Tailored Tips
14. At Your Finger Tips
15. Tip-top Nails

13-15 all play on the term "tips". I do not know of any salons with these names, but it would not surprise me if they exist. "Tailored" and "Tip-top" imply high quality and a sophisticated, less whimsical attitude. "At Your Finger Tips" is less sophisticated, but catchier and more memorable.

16. Brushed Wonders

If you have an airbrush specialty you want to promote, this might be a good name. Gives vibes of mastery, skill and artistry.

17. Awesome Acrylics

This name would probably appeal to a younger crowd, and it is high in the alphabet.

Word count: 425
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  • Entered: 1/4/2005 8:59:47 PM
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