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top 5 ways to get put of work by stefanee
7th place entry in Top Five Ways to Avoid Work

1. phone in saying that you have explosive diarrhea, but you'll try to make it anyway
2. say that a piano fell on your car and the engine died. Go figure...
3. tell your boss that you ran over his/her dog and had to eat it because he/she doesn't pay you enough to feed your family
4. Take a pair of skates, some duct tape and a rocket engine. Strap them to your feet then call in sick
5. This one is tricky. It involves scissors, an overfed housecat, a lump of moldy cheese, a shoddily crafted sock puppet, four baby tigers, seven long-winded old men kidnapped from the local duck pond and an algerian meowing mountain llama. It's fairly simple except where are you going to get moldy cheese?

Word count: 130
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