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Giraffe by Crapflinger
27th place entry in Out of Bounds 9
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Author's Note:

way to stick your neck out...

i had these massive plans to have him coming out of the picture to graze on a house plant on a desk...but i couldn't find any images with the right's just coming out of the picture....

first time i've done one of these...which i could say it was more fun hehe this stuff is a little tricky...really need to work on my perspective work

source from google

edit: hehe after posting it looks like he's grazing on the W1k logo that gets tagged to the images...hefty snack!


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Entry Info

  • Entered: 6/16/2009 2:08:14 PM
  • Paid:
  • Rank: 27/126
  • Votes: 65
  • Score: 5.762
  • Views: 1,744
  • Comments: 2


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